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Kunst expositie ‘Grounding’ komt naar De Groene Loods op NoordOogst!

Kunst is soms de vaste grond onder onze voeten. Het laat zien waar we willen reizen of rusten. Vertelt wat er speelt. Voel jij je gegrond? Waar komt dat door?

In deze (zeer tijdelijke) tentoonstelling vind je een onbespoten selectie grondgebonden kunst, direct van eigen bodem. Het Andere Noorden bracht een internationale groep bevriende kunstenaars en oud huisgenoten opnieuw bij elkaar – na een tussenpoos van 8 jaar. In uiteenlopend werk reflecteren zij als maker op de vraag wat het betekent je gegrond te voelen.

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Entree gratis // Engelstalig
Zondag 9 juli 14-17 uur
Groene Loods, Meteorenweg 280
Amsterdam Noord
Kom op de fiets (parkeerplaatsen zijn beperkt)

Introducing the artists:

In this post I will introduce you to the first three participating artists:

Eva Bjarnadóttir ( is a visual artist living in a remote area on the southeast coast of Iceland. In recent years she has focused on regionally based materials and merging every day life into her practice. She graduated from the Fine Arts department in Gerrit Rietveld Academy 2016. Eva has had two soloshows in Iceland and shown in various groupsettings along with hosting events and shows on her location.

Mira Liimatainen (@miralmtnn) is a Helsinki based artist who collects colours from plants, sheep, human hair and pixels. Her preferred media are spinning and weaving, with an occasional sidestep into drawing and video.
She holds a bachelor’s degree from Gerrit Rietveld Academie, and a master’s degree from Aalto University.

“I Mistook Your Rhododendron For a Crayon” is a pair of drawings following the growing season of local plants over a three month period. Plants were used both as a material and a tool on paper.

Riko Rei Goldbech (@rikogoldbech) is a visual artist based in Copenhagen. Goldbech has studied at Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam, NL and at Emily Carr University of Art and Design, Vancouver, CA. Goldbech works in a variety of media with a focus on the materials as a part of the concept. The materials are often found, to connect with site, decay and resources. Their surroundings and the people inhabiting it is central. The society and the topics they feel a need to deal with is the driving force.
They are part of several artist collaborations and have co-run an exhibition space together with a colleague in the neighbourhood laundromat. They have participated in group and solo shows both in Denmark and abroad.

Lieke Verreussel (@lieke.verreussel) is an Antwerp-based Artist and Social Worker.
Through care and dialogue, she attempts to unravel the mundane and track well-being in the midst of it. Her aim is to engage and uplift people in an empathic and poetic way. By twitching and tuning, she tries to break the artificial and find the right frequencies in order for stories to be shared.

Kim Buisman (@kim.buisman) is a Dutch painter based in Utrecht and a student at the Classical Academy for Fine Arts in Groningen. “I use classical painting techniques to find ways to communicate directly. In my work you can find a surrealistic visual language. With a background in the field of natural science and biology, my themes always relate to the human connection in nature.”

Niki Ulfstedt (@nikiulfstedt) is our mystery guest from Sweden. Want to know more about her? Come and find out!

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